Dearest soulmates,


Thank you for visiting my website. As you search for the officiant that is perfect for you, I want to give you a little information about me to help with your choice...  I am a happily married woman, a mother of three, and a wedding officiant. Each one of those things is important to me.


As a wedding officiant, I spend my working moments engulfed in Love.

It is truly beautiful and rewarding.


I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to meet couples who are madly in love as they prepare to embark on their happily ever after...  I am grateful to be a part of the planning, preparing and finally, the solidifying of the union of two individuals who have chosen to love each other through it all.


My ultimate goal with each and every wedding is to make sure that my couples have a beautiful ceremony that they love.


I would be honored to be the officiant you choose for your Wedding day.

 I hope to have the opportunity to speak to you, but if I don't...

Congratulations! Wishing you the very best.




Stephanie Martinez